Sources on French terror attacks

The French Colonial Historical Society has recently published an excellent bibliography of sources relevant to the terror attacks in Paris in January 2015 and November 2015.  It includes links to a lot of online articles too.  You can access it here:

Historian of France Emile Chabal has also written an excellent piece in today’s The Conversation, to mark a year since the Charlie Hebdo killings:


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  1. While I do not doubt that the #Parissyllabus will be of value to hardcore scientific researchers, the sheer length and scope of it make me despair over its utility for grassroots historians and amateur informed-opinion makers… because mere perusing of it in some depth, to gain even abstracted multiple p.o.v. knowledge of what’s behind the titles, would take weeks, if not months, of dedicated study. As such, it risks to become but an artefact of the curiously common process of worshippers at the altar of humaniora feverishly trying to do something to combat disturbing envelopments or events. So they band together under some #hashtag and make more of what they’re good at: dry academic papers (also “Terror is sick Allahu Akbar!” video from a posse of International Performing Artists mc’ed by Oprah Winfrey soon to premiere on MTV).

    At best, they, or Emile Chabal in your quoted case, attempt to summarize the current conundrums by posting weighty, but oh-so-secondary, rhetorical questions from their Ivory Tower perches:

    “[…] What is France’s global role now that its empire has gone and it is little more than a second-tier regional power? How should the French political system reform itself in order to be more representative and less corrupt?

    … because, ehmm, having correct answers would have made ALL THE DIFFERENCE. When [pedestrian logick whispers into my ear] what professional well-wishing elite ought to be doing is engaging the marginalized communities, so appetite for native radicalization be arrested.

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