About Chris Millington

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Chris Millington is Senior Lecturer in Modern European History at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.  indexHe is an expert in twentieth-century French and European history.  Chris’s research interests include political violence and terrorism, fascism, veterans of the Great War, the French Third Republic and Vichy France. His cutting-edge scholarship examines why, historically, people turned to violence to achieve their political goals; it thus speaks to the potential for violence that resides in modern democratic states and societies and may help us to understand modern manifestations of violence and terrorism.

Chris is the author of academic monographs and articles; he has written essays for History Today magazine and contributed to news programmes on BBC Radio Wales.

Chris has held several prestigious research awards including an esteemed British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship,  a highly-regarded Junior Research Fellowship at the IHR in London and a research fellowship from the Gerda Henkel Stiftung.  He also held a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award and was co-director of Swansea University’s research group for Conflict, Reconstruction and Memory (CRAM) until 2018.  Chris was part of the Welsh Crucible class of 2015, a distinguished programme designed to enhance the skills of the future research leaders of Wales.

In 2015 Chris was winner of an Excellence in Learning and Teaching Award at Swansea University, a student-nominated prize presented to outstanding lecturers.

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