This page grew out of my frustration when looking for primary sources for a non-French-speaking student group.  While historians of Germany can rely on published collections of documents, the historian of France must look harder for suitable material – and then translate it.  I’ll add documents as I come across them, but if you have anything to submit yourself that you wouldn’t mind sharing, then please contact me.

Course Guides and Document Collections

Course guides for my own modules on modern France.  In no way are these course guides perfect, nor are the bibliographies exhaustive.  But if you’re new to writing a course, they may help!  Click here.

Online resources

I recently came across this excellent resource at Portsmouth University – it contains interviews with experts in French history and some primary sources too.  Click here.

VichyWeb, set up by historian Simon Kitson, contains a wealth of material on Vichy France, some of which is in English.  Access it here: Simon Kitson’s VichyWeb

Some English language documents can be found at Warwick’s Modern Records Centre

The H-France site contains many useful resources, and its email list (to which I would advise all historians and students of France subscribe) regularly addresses issues relating to teaching

French History On-line – part of H-France – contains resources for research and teaching.

A variety of university syllabi for French history can be found at H-France.


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